Log Model Mode changes in Audit Logs and Model History


When a user changes the mode of a model i.e. from Standard Mode->Deployed Mode, Standard Mode->Archived Mode etc, it would be useful to have this event logged in the Anaplan audit logs and the model history logs.


This would be useful in identifying which user has changed the model mode especially when a deployed model is changed to standard mode going against best practise and breaking ALM compatibility.


With this ability, we could follow up with more training and education as and where needed to prevent this from happening.

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  • Miran
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  • Especially for the event when a model is changed from "Deployed" to "Standard"  mode. This could create incompatibility between the PROD and DEV models. 

  • When a user creates a model from a revision tag, the model created is a standard mode model (without any notification/alert to the user). The ALM compatibility is immediately broken.

    It would be great to log this action and to inform the user about the impact of the creation of a standard mode model.

  • +1 to be able to track those changes in audit

    I d advocate for a stronger separation between the "builder role" (creating and modifying models) and the "admin role" (setting accesses, models status and everything related to alm and models mgt).

    As is, workspace admins do have really a lot of default access that can threaten large / enterprise scale capabilities.

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