how to extract the user list with login history from the Adminstration page?

How do we export the user list with the login history? What kind of access is needed? I'm workspace admin and don't seem to have access?

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  • Misbah
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    As I said earlier there is no way to export it from tenant admin page. We can put this in an idea exchange forum  and see if this gets picked up.


  • @lilasququ 


    You need to be tenant administrator to see the login history of Users. Only Fellow Tenant administrator can provide you that access.


    Hope that helps

  • Thanks. I can see the user login history but only one page? But I can't export the list. I will ask the tenant admin then. Thanks.

  • @lilasququ 


    I am not certain if there is any export functionality on tenant admin side.

  • I'm now a tenant admin. I'm still seeing the same thing as a workspace admin. Only the first page appear or I can sort to see a different 1st page.


    But I don't have the option to export. How can we achieve that then? We need to have user login history for the 300 users. Thanks!