VBA/macros for Excel Add-In

As a model builder I would like VBA and macros to be supported in the Excel Add-In so that I could further automate workbooks.


For example :


1) I would like to be able to create VBA code and macros for the various Anaplan actions so that I could automate a number of tasks (eg Login and refresh data) through macros



2) I would like to be able to understand, write and use Anaplan functions within a worksheet to dynamically create code to retrieve & write back functions. Below is a screenshot with my assumed, partial and most probably wrong understanding on how some of it works at the moment.

I basically tried to test my understanding writing a new CHOOSE function to retrieve other values, and it didn't work...I must have completely misintepreted how it could work 🙂




The purpose of this idea is mainly to understand if & how the community could benefit from these type of enhancements. 

Personal thoughts : from my point of view the potential application could be beneficial for different types of data reconciliation. Having said that, this could all be done within Anaplan itself and I'm tempted to think it could be better to create ad-hoc developments there or maybe raise specific Ideas for new Anaplan functionality to support these type of requirements ? 


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  • @Alessio_Pagliano 

    Awesome idea. I share the same sentiment.

    I think we should set up a demo mtg with @MagaliP at some point so she can see the specific use-cases for how we would use this.

    My most popular use case is to take the user stories out of the Anaplan Way App into Excel. From there, I use VBA to reformat the data. Lastly, I wrote PowerPoint VBA to generate one slide per user story. Here's a sanitized example below:



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  • Hi @JaredDolich , 

    Thanks for the feedback and for sharing what you did. Your use case looks so neat and tidy : good job!

    Happy to jump on a quick call/contribute, if it helps.

    I was wondering if you have considered using the New UX for it ?

    I'm suggesting it as I recently had a requirement that could potentially be seen as vaguely similar. I had to share a spreadsheet with Anaplan (inc images) and we couldn't find a suitable tool for it.

    The New UX seems to be working quite well for it - see below. Assuming there are no licence implications perhaps something similar could work for your use case ? Chances are you already considered that 🙂 

    Of course T&Cs would apply to what images could/can't include and where they are stored....


    Generally speaking I'm curious to see if/how all the current apps would have their New UX apps. This could also provide helpful ideas/inspiration to the wider community.






  • We are investigating point 1 of @Alessio_Pagliano 's idea. What do you think of being able to do the 3 things with VBA macros:

    1. Login
    2. Refresh all
    3. Change a page selector

    @JaredDolich - I would love to have a chat with you and see the templates you are using. I will direct message you.

  • Should include the ability to save data too.


    Maybe a separate thread, but thinking about competitor's Excel add-ins, there is a lot of neat features like formula replication (add-in knows to copy formula down or across based on dimensions), GET() / POST() functions to send/retrieve specific intersections of data, etc. Anaplan is missing a lot of this, and these would greatly extend capabilities.

  • Good call out @ablack - are you able to share the name of any of those add-ins. I'd love to see that.

  • @MagaliP 


    Please consider the following :


    • Login 
    • Connect to Model
    • Import the Saved view Line Items and Rows to Excel



  • Hi,

    I have come across exactly the same challenges. Would be highly appreciated if we could use macros, especially to change a page selector and refresh the dataset.

    Thank you,

    Monika Kocot


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