Erase Backups to fulfill the Law


Last week at Sonum International we received a ticket from a client requiring to delete all the backups prior to 2019 to fulfill the law on data protection.
We have been doing backups on a weekly basis since the project started. It means that there are more than 4000 Backups that need to be reviewed and cleaned one by one as Anaplan doesn't have a mass way to delete all the "old" backups. But I think this is a critical issue as companies are not fulfilling European Data Law ( General Data Protection Regulation).
Would be nice if Anaplan could :

- Add a new column “Model Creation Date”
- Add the possibility to order/filter the models by different columns: Model Name, Model Creation Date, Model status (archived or not).

Colleagues mine think that adding the possibility to massively delete models is not a good idea because if a model is deleted, all data is lost. ls it possible to recover a deleted model? if so, I think that functionality could be added
If not, then just the two recommendations above.

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  • Miran
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  • I agree with this. I'm now trying to close out an old workspace that is no longer needed and I'm having to manually delete all the old archived models in that workspace in order to get the workspace closed out and cloud space reallocated. An alternative or additional feature to this idea could simply be able to select multiple models (e.g. shift+click) from Model Management window to delete multiple models.

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