Function similar to PREVIOUS for Line Item




Can we have an another function similar to PREVIOUS so that it can bring the value of previous line item. 


Example: There are two Lists and three line items (Op Bal, Exp and Cl Bal) in columns. 


Page Selector (List 1) : D1, D2 and D3

Row (List 2) : F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5

So when I go to D2, the Op Bal should equal to D1's Clo Bal and so on. It will help me to make a module which don't have Time Scale.


In nutshell, it should work like whatever left from the prior consumer should be available for consume to the next consumer.


Note: The D1's Op Bal is coming from another module but for rest it should be work as roll forward from Cl Bal.





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  • Miran
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  • Ganza

    Dear Sharmagh


    Have you got a response on your question . if so could you please share with me ? because I have same question?



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