User access automation for multiple selective access members



I am trying to automate user management from dashboard. For selective access I have to add multiple members of same hierarchy. Is it possible to import data to users list for multiple members from same hierarchy for selective access. 

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  • nathan_rudman
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    yes you can.

    The way to do is is sequential.

    1: You need to have a module with a user list and the dimension for which you want to set selective access.

    2: Check if member following a logic/input and create a technical line item (called the name of the list + Read or Write) where if access = code of the item

    3: create a view of that module with the user and dimension as rows.



    4: import into Users from that view: Anaplan will import sequentially each code, giving access to the user





  • If you ever want to take it one step further and would like to automate the mapping. Keep in mind this can only be done if your database provides data to make the relationship. If you have a database that matches the selective field and employee name in a row of data. You can import multiple members into the boolean fields as mentioned by Nathan.

  • NishaS
    Thanks.. It worked 🙂