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I am trying to automate user access management from dashboard. Is it possible to remove selective access from dashboard also user deletion. 

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  • emmaliao
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    Hi @NishaS ,


    To automate selective access removal, you can have a module dimensionalized by the list that you have selective access turned on and a fake user list. The module saved view should include user email as well as names/codes of the list items that the users have "No Access" to. You would then use this saved view to import into "Users".


    For user deletion, if you are referring to deleting the user from the model, then I don't think there is a way to automate it.


  • Hi @NishaS 



    you can automate user roles/ selective access through an import action. 
    you can allow making the changes through a module on the Dashboard but to add these changes to the model you will need  an import action. 

  • Misbah



    You can certainly automate user access management from the dashboard. To delete users is something that can't be done but if you are thinking about removing the User's access from modules that surely can be part of the user access management.

  • Hi Einas,

    We have built a dashboard and the necessary actions to manage the users' roles and selective access, but when a user that is not a WS Admin wants to run it we are getting this error: "Sorry, you do not have access to run this process". I checked that all the involved actions are allowed for all the roles, but I'm still getting the error. Is this something that only a WS Admin can use?

    Thank you.


  • Hi @rodriguezramiro 


    only WS Admins can add/edit users.

    so you can’t really have a non-WSA change users.

    You want such function/action to be in the hands of WSA only (and perhaps only one of the WSAs)
    non-WSA can not manually access the user list so they also won’t have access through a process.