Excel Add In: remove a connection and multiple connections in one sheet


Idea 1:

Currently we have the option to create Read  / Read-Write Connection.

But when I no longer want an active connection on a sheet, i am not able to remove it.

This limits my ability to add a new connection or replace connection on the same sheet. 


Idea 2:

Also, we cannot have more than one connection on a single sheet.

Can we make some enhancements here? esp, i want to compare data from 2 different modules, i am unable to do it in same sheet.

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  • Miran
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  • MagaliP

    Thank you for your suggestions. Could you please clarify the first one "This limits my ability to add a new connection or replace connection on the same sheet". What would be an example scenario?

  • I too would like to have the ability to have multiple modules accessible from the same excel sheet.  


    A few of our processes require information from different data pulls that are not attainable from the same source, whether it is specified through a module that attributes out a top level cost breaking out into sub levels manually or organized in such a way that the data is not accessible without multiple data reports (ex, revenue and cost of sale or expenses).  When we want to combine information from those sources, each currently requires a single tab in Anaplan to refresh. 


    For our income statement and balance sheet in excel, we need specific information from multiple accounting areas, as well as another set of pulls that are custom from multiple years of adjustments. 


    Alternatively, profit centers encompass multiple products.  We have multiple modules designated to break out those profit centers into those individual products, where it is not defined from the raw data.  Doing so with Anaplan at this time requires 20+ sheets to refresh when inserting from excel.  Being able to run those modules from the same sheet would both save file space and be more efficient when trying to incorporate formulas that link elsewhere.

  • MagaliP

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