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Hi Team,


Getting my head around the User Access rules for End User (not Workspace Admin) & slightly confused by the below table on Anapedia


The 'Import/Export' item is tagged as 'Role-Based Access' but what access is this referring to? I'm assuming it is referencing the Module access and if so why isn't the item above (Pivot/Create charts etc) the same 'Role-Based Access'?


My understanding is that both of these items can be access/performed by the End User as long as they have Module permissions?









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  • einas.ibrahim
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    Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    I understood you were referring to an end user accessing a module directly, but think about it, end users should NOT be accessing modules directly 😊


    I think we both agree that the import/export entry on that table is referring to something that is a dashboard -and not a role - specific. 
    But so is almost everything else on that table such as show and hide, conditional formatting, ... etc


    Doesn’t  that table designate what “things” are performed by an admin vs. by an end user? (I recall that was it when I used to see it in old models)

    I think you are giving this table way more weight that it really deserves 😊. If you notice, most of the models that have these tables are very old models. We no longer use them nor are they part of Anaplan’s best practice -or any practice. 


  • @MarkTurkenburg 


    As long as the Role they have assigned to them has access to run the action.







  • Thanks @rob_marshall  but I was referring to the Import/Export item rather than any Import/Export Action you have setup (unless that is what this item in the list is referring to?)


    Because as a End User you can use the Data drop down - Import/Export buttons as long as you have access to the module which is the same as the Pivot/Create Charts item on the list but they have different access privileges on the list but from what I can tell they are the same - if you have access to the Module you can use these items? 

  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    This type of table is not an official Anaplan table, it is constructed by a model builder/architect based on how the model was implemented which is in turn based on the customer requirements/user stories


    Sometimes you don't want to allow end-users - or certain roles to import or export to the modules.
    It is not accurate to say "[as] End User you can use the Data drop down - Import/Export buttons as long as you have access to the module".
    As a model builder, you can disable this feature in the grid on the dashboard. So even if the user role has access to the module, that doesn't mean they automatically have access to the import/export.


    This is a dashboard specific feature though, and not role-based which means if 2 roles have access to the same dashboard, then they will both not be able to access the context menu options. I believe that is what is
    meant by "based on role"


  • Thanks @einas.ibrahim 


    My original query was referring to a End User accessing a module directly rather than through a Dashboard and my understanding is there is no way to disable the Import/Export drop down option


    Back to my original query on the table provided by Anaplan it seems incorrect because the Import/Export has nothing to do with Roles. Either it is defined in the Dashboard for which it will apply to all roles equally or it accessible to all roles directly through a module



  • Thanks @einas.ibrahim 


    Agreed I am looking far too deeply at this table 😂 but I find that when I drill down into issues for which the answer doesn't quite click I end up uncovering another layer that I was not aware of & hence increasing my understanding


    Appreciate your help!



  • Trust me, I’m the same way. 😊