Ability to Filter Line Items in NUX by another module line item boolean with User dimension


Currently, it is not allowed to filter line items in NUX.

It will be great to be able to filter Line Items in NUX by a separate module line item in boolean format with User dimension so that it provides better user experience where user can make choices to filter certain line items.

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  • Do you mean something similar to the Excel Hide&Show ?

    If that’s the case as far as I’m aware it should be made available soon, with the option of resetting to the “initial view”.

    While I’m writing this I wonder if the user selection would be “remembered” or if the page would reset once you navigate away/between sessions?

    Also, have you considered the use of “My pages”? Or am I misinterpreting your requirement ? Perhaps you need something dynamic that is driven by a specific logic?


  • Yes, I'm referring to dynamic filtering of line items by specific logic.

    You could build line item subset currently to dynamically do filtering but only works if the line item is numbered format.


  • Miran
    Status changed to: Delivered
  • @michael_park  very good point. Totally agree. 

    this is part of aligning the "classic" with "NewUX" interfaces. 🙂


    There is already an idea to extend the line-item subsets not only on numeric formatted line-items, but to all. 

    This way building dynamic filters for line-items will be easily achieved. 


    Please kudo this idea if you agree:



  • It is now possible in view designer to filter by a line item in another module.

  • @sprender , I can't seem to figure out how? Could you please comment on the below case?


    I'm trying to use a LI subset to filter the displayed Line items of a grid, but the Row (LI) filter options don't allow for a change in the module I use for the filter, as it's available in classic UX:



    To mee, it seems that it only allows setting the filtering options from the same module. 


    Thanks, Andris. 


  • @Ingilavicus I believe this could be because filtering by Line Item Subsets in another module is not currently supported in the UX. This is something we plan to address but don't have a timescale at this stage.

  • Totally agree with @Ingilavicus that the option to set up the filter from a custom view would be more dynamic. For instance, with the current functionality it isn't an option to allow the end-user to pivot the table within a Worksheet as you need to set up the line item filter within a saved view of the module and use that saved view for the grid in the NUX. It would be ideal to have the option of creating the same LIS filters within within the Custom Views.

  • Agreed with @Ingilavicus and @Noemi.andres: Line-items, from a reporting point of view, should be treated as any other lists, even in the back-end is a very particular list/dimension of the module. 


    @sprender It would be really nice if the approach in developing New UX would take into account NOT to create gaps between classic and the new UX functionalities in the sense in Classic interface you can do more than in New UX. 


    This should be the first directive: implement the existing Classic functionalities in New UX and after that, add the new very nice additional functionalities.  🙂



  • I can only underline @alexpavel comment. Worksheets are getting better, but there is still a way to go. In my opinion, proper filtering as described here + the fact that show / hide stays when pivoting are the absolut most important ones to analysts. I'm surprised that these two features are still not on parity with classic UX.

  • Please to update we have recently released support for filtering a module via a Line Item Subset giving greater flexibility on filtering rules throughout the model which I believe is one of the items requested above.

  • @sprender - can you provide a link on the release? I am unable to filter on the Line Item Subset module/boolean combination.

  • @azumbahlen this update was mentioned in the Feb release blog https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Releases/February-2021-Releases-and-March-Sneak-Peek/ba-p/99663 . If you are having issues creating the filter you could try raising a ticket with support.

  • swaraj

    This would be great when dealing with modules created for reporting with multipe dimensions and high volume transactional data

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