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Hi Team,


I have disabled a User in Tenant Admin & was expecting that User to be switched to No Access in Models but they still have their original access in 1 of the Models I checked


Do I need to turn the User off in every Model rather than at the Tenant Admin level? 










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  • Misbah
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    Disabling User is happening at Tenant Level which means that particular User will no longer be able to login thru that email ID to that tenant. It is irrelevant to check his model access because he has been disabled at the tenant level. But I guess Anaplan should automatically change the status from Access to No Access just to remove the confusion.


    Hope that helps



  • Thanks @Misbah 


    Makes sense but logically you would expect the User to be removed from the Model or at least have their access level changed



  • Misbah



    Yes I agree. But we use the disabling feature only when the person has left the organization or has changed the roles & doesn't need access or person is a contractor and may join back. This feature takes away his feature of logging in throughout the tenant.


    Also there are other updates coming to Tenant Admin feature which might be worth using in such cases. Let's see as and when that comes

  • @Misbah that is sensible. We had some Users set up from prior projects that never got off the ground and were set to No Access etc & hence were not required but have been counted towards our Licence tally. I disabled them rather than deleting them from a Model view but was confused to see them still visible in the Model with the same access etc so I deleted the User at that point to remove any ambiguity


    Be helpful in the future if the Tenant status and Model status sync


    Thanks for your help!



  • @Misbah 


    I have deleted the redundant Users from the Model view but they are still showing in the Tenant Admin User list (though they are Disabled)


    I cannot locate a function to delete users from the Tenant Admin User list?


    There seems to be a real disconnect between the Tenant Admin User list and the Model User list!



  • This is a big pain for us as well. There is no good way to pull a single source of active users with this set up. We should be able to manage everything from the Admin console and the users should be removed from the models they have access to automatically if they are disabled.

  • @dan.fleming totally agree I'm having the same problems tracing users by model .. Are there any changes planned to correct these problems?