Dependent List(dimension) selection


Hi All,


I have two dimensions, Employee and Activity.

and this two are to be used a dimension in my Final module,

I want to include a condition when a particular employee is selected from dimension drop down then only the relevant activity(this mapping is available in Activity List) should be visible in the Activity drop down.


I know this is possible by dependent drop down for when my Employee and Activity both are line items in a module.

but in this case, I have both as dimension(list)and I want in my module the dimension lists to dynamically update when the Employee is selected.





  • prabhu

    Hi @MadhabikaM - You can achieve this by using FILTER.


    Create a System Module with employee and Activity as Dimension and 1 Boolean formatted Line item.


    Mark true for the employees who are active in certain activity.


    can be done manually or formula depends on scenario.


    Apply this filter in your current module.




    Sorna Raja Prabhu.

  • Hi Sorna Raja Prabhu,

    This would work but issue here us ,if I should have my Line(boolean) items in page while pivot to apply filter.

    but I need my both dimension in page to change dynamically , when a employee is selected or a activity is selected.

  • Misbah



    Your only choice is dependent dropdown here. Page Selector can't be filtered based on the selection in another page selector.


    If it is about the filtering the module then you can apply @prabhu  solution


    Hope that helps