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Hi Team,


Can an End User Insert a List Item for a General List (not Numbered list) through the + button?


We have the List published to a Dashboard but the + button is not visible to the End Users. They have full access to all Lists & modules





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  • einas.ibrahim

    Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    I think what @Yash1 is saying is the following...

    The "Create ..." action, which is one type of the actions in Anaplan, only applies to numbered list and not ordinary lists. This is the action that allows the addition to a new list item to be added to the numbered list


    Now, if you were asking - just as a workspace administrator - a user can add a list item to a regular list from a dashboard, then the answer is no. However, you can create an import action that will accomplish that.

    1. Create an input module where you capture the information of the to-be added list item
    2. Create an import action ( Best Practice is to put that action in a process) that the user should click when (s)he wishes to add the information just entered to the list.
    3. Your import action will take that information and import it into the appropriate list.

    I hope I understood your question, but if not let me know and I'm happy to explain further


  • Yash1

    Hi @MarkTurkenburg ,


    The create Action can only create a member in a numbered list. 

    In case, you have created an action to add a member to a non-numbered list, the end user can add a member to the list through that action. Apart from access to module and list, you also need to provide access to action, or all the actions in the process from the user to see the button on the dashboard.


    Let me know if this helps.




  • Hi @Yash1 


    Sorry I don't follow. You said that you cannot create an Action to Insert a item to a Non-Numbered List but then state you can create an Action?



  • prabhu

    Hi @MarkTurkenburg - yes it is possible.


    First select the parent in the list and then click + .

    Or click any existing list member and then click +


    Or Use edit-> insert option .


    If my answer doesn't address your problem, please share the shot of the dashboard.



  • Yash1

    Hi @MarkTurkenburg ,


    What I meant was the standard Create option is only for a numbered list , whereas you can create your own action, where use a view to import into a list to add a member to a non-numbered list . Let me know if this clarifies.




  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg and @prabhu 


    I am curious now to know if Mark actually meant to add a list item to a list directly published to a dashboard or a list that is used as a dimension in a module.


    I know it is highly discouraged to publish lists directly to a dashboard, but I guess if you want to have a user role as an admin to maintain the metadata of the model without giving them Workspace Administrator access, then that would be the way to go 



  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    Can you check the menu option by editing the dashboard?



    If Edit -Insert is not marked then User will not see option to add/delete



    Once you marked Edit then user can add item in non number list direct from here




    Make sure before adding click on the row or parent/code then only + will be visible.


    Hope this help!




  • Thanks @einas.ibrahim!


    We had this originally setup as a List published to a Dashboard & that was where my confusion was coming from. The idea to create a Import Action from a module is a much better solution then directly entering into the lists & by-passes all the issues I raised earlier



  • Thanks @Yash1  - yes I understand now!


    Appreciate your help



  • Thanks @Akhtar.shahbaz 


    I have used the solution posted above by @einas.ibrahim  as I require non Workspace Admin users to be able to add list items