Dummy User Management


Hi All,

There is a scenario where we need to setup a user management for the end user:

  1. User wants to give access to a list item to it’s colleague.
  2. This list has a selective access enabled.
  3. We have an active dummy list for user.

Problem statement: the created action does not work unless we have “workspace admin access” enabled for that workspace for particular user..

I wish to know If there is a workaround for the case.


  • No, the user running the action MUST be a WSA


    However, if you have several users accessing the model, you can manage to use only ONE WSA license by automating the running of the actions by a script like Anaplan Connect or Veloce which will run them for everyone.

  • @Nitika ,


    Currently, WSA (Workspace Admins) are only allowed to update User security which helps prevent folks for getting access to information they aren't supposed to see.  Now, I guess you could setup a process to run by a service account (which is a WSA) every X timeframe, but I am not sure it would be considered a best practice to do that.  Really, you shouldn't have people assigning access to whatever they want.