Automatically set Model Builders as Page Builders in New U/X


Hi, currently if you want a Model Builder to create/amend pages in the New U/X, you've got to go into Tenant, and set them up as Page Builders - an additional manual step before people can do their day job.


Is there a reason why Model Builder's shouldn't be automatically set up as page builders? That's one of the main jobs of a model builder I would suggest, and would be a lot easier if all model builders were set up by default to be page builders as well (like they already are in classic U/X).


Can we get this amended so Model Builders by default are also Page Builders?


Thanks, Andrew.

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  • Miran
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  • Makes perfect sense to me.

  • I think a toggle in the administration tenant would be useful to allow each tenant admin to decide if model builder/page builder roles should sync or not.


    I will probably be posting an unpopular opinion, but here is my perspective and what I believe is useful for my team, although I am sure there are great reasons for other teams to feel exactly the opposite, which is why I feel this should be a tenant admin option. As the lead of our CoE and main administrator of the page builder and workspace administrator rights, I appreciated the fact these roles were separate because I was able to require and incentivise each model builder to "skill up" by completing the NUX page builder training before updating their access to create new apps or add new boards that could be end-user facing. I use this distinction to ensure our model builders first understand how to use the great new functionality the NUX offers, before opening up their ability to impact live apps that end-users are using. One other point I have been stressing to our model builders is that each app should be clearly defined and scoped to facilitate a specific user journey, and was thrilled that this was a concept covered well in the NUX training that drove home my vision for that apps we produce! Without the ability to limit the access model builders have to building in the NUX, my desired requirement for our model builders to skill up on the new functionality would have been much more difficult to receive team buy-in and enforce.

  • I'd agree with Stacey's comment on this - having a 'default' option in Administration to sync the Model Builder/Page Builder roles could be useful, but I wouldn't want it to be the default option.  We are examining a CoE model where there is a clear distinction between certain individuals who will be Model Builders (only) and others who will be Page Builders (only) so maintaining segregation is critically important.

  • I fully support this update. Would make the administration of larger workspaces, much smoother. I am curious how the new CIM will account for this?

  • nmachida

    +1 on this suggestion

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