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As a page builder, I would like to have access to the historical log of all the modifications of the pages for an app created using the NewUX. 


NewUX it became the "official" Anaplan interface. The apps can be a result of the collaboration from a lot of page-builders. 

In the building of the pages, it can be used the custom views created directly in the app. 


How a page is built and with what filters can change dramatically the behavior in an application. 


I think that in order to have control of the modifications of the pages from an app it is mandatory to have access to the history log of all the modifications of an app in a similar way as it is the history log of the Anaplan model. 





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  • Miran
    edited December 2022
  • bwallace
    edited December 2022

    This would be very helpful for us to audit changes/issues

  • paulbabb
    edited December 2022

    @DerekH This is a severe SOX audit gap for us because of page level 'restrict access'. We are held accountable to track grants/revokes/changes by user, who changed access and when they changed it. Until this is fixed we will have to explain to auditors that the platform does not have an audit trail for these actions. It also causes support issues because we can't tell who restricted page access. We can educate the user if it was an error  or control grants accurately.  SOX compliance alone should be sufficient grounds to expedite the roadmap for this tracking.

  • traynham
    edited December 2022

    Agree - this seems like best practice for audit trail.  We have only released one App so far, so auditors haven't asked, but I imagine change tracking is expected in Apps like Models.

  • MirBorishkevich
    edited December 2022

    @anaplan Any notice on if this will get implemented?

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