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Hi Guys,


Does History still works on Archived models (Change the mode from archived to standard). I cannot retrieve data from the production model due to switchover for some cells and I would like to check it out from an archived model.



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  • LipChean_Soh
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    Hi @Alexandru.Rosca 


    Yes, history is still intact for archived model.

    You just need to activate the archived model (which takes up workspace), and check the history as per normal.





  • That is the tricky part as I need to archive Production due to space limitation, otherwise I would have unarchived without asking the community. 


    Thank you for the help!

  • It is a workspace consuming exercise indeed.


    I'm not sure if Anaplan support provides such service, but you can try asking the support team if they can help to extract the history for you by allowing the support team to copy your model into their own workspace, hence you don't need to temporarily archive your Production model.


    The downside to this alternative is that it's not a self service action, and there'll be some waiting.




  • Misbah



    Instead of unarchiving the archived model, you can take the current production model out of deployed model, restore it to the historical ID where you feel can serve you the purpose, take the dump of production data and finally use "Revert to Last Revision". Put the model again in deployed mode. 


    The above approach will help you take the dump of historical production data without breaking the ALM Sync

    Hope that helps

  • @Alexandru.Rosca 

    When we used to run into this space issue, and we used to run into space issues often, one of the solutions we utilized was by moving other modules ( backup or snapshot modules) into another space to give us the space we need to unarchive. Keep in mind we didn't move production models and we didn't use ALM.

  • Unfortunately we do not have ALM yet in this Model and I believe this is the only solution available. It's a pain whenever we need to retrieve some old data as we need to take the production down. Only that this time we also want to use history, not just look at older values.


    Thank you all for the replies and solutions. 

  • if you don't have ALM then you can just roll back. However yes, it takes prod down...