Re-Order Categories in NUX


As a Workspace Admin, I need the ability to re-order the categories that are created in NUX.


As it stands right now it appears that they will auto-sort to Alphabetical order and/or Numerical order. I cannot always rely on this as sometimes I may use a numbering system for the pages themselves and it becomes confusing to number or index the categories. It is a standard functionality to "Move" or re-order all other aspects of Anaplan (Functional Areas, Modules, Lists, List Members, Lines items, etc.) and it would make sense to follow suit here.


I know this is successful when I am able to choose the order that the categories are displayed, in the NUX.

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  • Miran
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  • bikdave

    I agree with this one.  We have had to use a numbering scheme or get creative with the word choices so they fall in the right order.  We like to organize the pages so they follow a business process sequence, which is why we'd like the ability to re-order as we see fit.

  • Agree on this one.

    Think that in simpler use-cases the numbering should be fine.

    For more complex use-cases the numbering doesnt always cut it. 

  • FYI I found that starting the category labels with 1) Abc, 2) Def, 3)  Ghi, Can by-pass the re-ordering limitation. 

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  • Alice1006
    edited February 2023

    I can only agree with this one.

    The neccessity to use a numeric or alphabetic logic in the page label in order to secure a sorting is especially problematic when some user roles don't have access to all pages. For them it would be 1. X, 2. Y, 4. Y which can be confusing for end users. The ability to move should therfore also be possible for pages.

  • Philippe

    any news?

    Completely agrre with @Alice1006 This can be a real headache when you create new categories and/or pages.

    thank you

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