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For customers who have overnight imports and exports and for customers who have models with larger load times, it would be nice to be able to have 2 functionalities:


  • Selection to have the model be loaded into memory at all times
  • Option to set a schedule when a model loads into memory on a given day and time
    • Eg. know that all imports & exports start at 11pm Sun-F. Schedule the model to load into memory at 10:45pm those days
    • Eg. understand the model takes ~5 minutes to load first thing in the morning and after the lunch hour, schedule the model to load into memory


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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • There are couple examples of this to be useful for us.

    1) If model is pre-loaded into the memory then the nightly batch process can start processing data immediately. Currently we are waiting for 5-10-15 min while model is being loaded. Which may happen multiple times during the batch cycle as we have longer than 60min of waiting between certain scheduled data feeds. 

    2) Our users are in the models during the day, but out for lunch at noon. This means the first user in the morning or after lunch waits while models are loaded, leading to down time in their workflow. 

  • Great suggestion on new functionality
    Would certainly remove the intermittent errors we see due to models being out of memory.

    Thanks for posting Ken


  • mhinnes

    Great suggestion on new functionality

  • dock

    I know a few customers who would appreciate this as a new feature. One customer specifically has built something in-house that replicates the functionality of this request.

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