New Source Files should be accessible by all Admins as default


When we are creating new data feeds to Anaplan via API, it will set the new file on private as default, which you can't change afterwards anymore. In our case the file would be created by our 'AnaplanCoE' user we are using for the API.

It would be great if you can change the file that it will be the default for everyone or as least all admins.

In this case we can develop and testing the processing of the source files with our own logins rather then the generic AnaplanCoE user.


We have 2 work-arounds:

1. test/develop the new import actions using the AnaplanCoE user (however we would only like to use this for the API's)

2. Manually adding the new file ones and set it for Admins/All. However this requires a sample data file offline for manual upload, with the risk that the structure could be out of sync comparing with the automated one by API.

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  • Stan
    Status changed to: New
  • There are security reasons why files are private through the API always. However, we are investigating a feature to allow Admins to create non private files via the API.

  • @jon_sandles - any update on that potential feature?

  • no immediate change planned yet. But its still on our radar to drive some consistency in this area.

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