Locate module saved view for dashboard


We have a module used in over 10 dashboards, and there were over 20 saved view built under this module.

Is there a faster way to locate the name of saved view directly from a target dashboard? From the 'module name' or 'open source', can only identify original module, can't find its corresponding view name...unless check the views one-by-one, but the methods seem clumsy..

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  • Misbah
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    No, Currently there is no way you as @Harsha said. But there is an idea already proposed to have this feature and is under investigation

    Show 'referenced by' also for saved views - Anaplan Community

    Though this feature, if implemented, will not allow you to open the saved view directly from the dashboard but you can check "referenced by" section of saved view to see where all saved views have been published.