Totals with dynamic cell access



How can I get list hierarchy totals to display when using dynamic cell access? For example months are displayed but not quarters or years.


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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    Hi @kleadbeater1

    I would suggest checking the summarization method on the Boolean formatted line item that is being used as the dynamic cell access driver. By default Boolean lines have a summary method of none, meaning quarter and year totals would not be marked True (thus no access). Ensure time summary is set to All or Any depending on your use case.


  • Tiffany gives you the right answer.
    I'll add that most of the time, DCA is used to block inputs, not controls who sees what. In which case you can use a generic line item, without dimensions, set to TRUE, as your READ driver, eliminating these kind of issues.
  • That fixed it. Thank you.