SSO on different Tenant


Dear Community, 


I need your help, in my group some users need access to a Model hosted in a different Tenant, let's say Tenant 2. 


On Tenant 1, users are in SSO and it works perfectly fine.

On Tenant 2, users are in non-SSO and it works.


However, I am challenged by security team to switch for SSO and I do not know how to do it and if this can be done. 

Of course the merge of Tenant 1 and Tenant 2 is not an option. 

Have you ever experienced this in your company? 


Many thanks in advance for your precious support, 



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  • Many thanks Nathan !
  • can you confirm you managed to set it up ?
    what happens then when you log in ? brings you to the last tenant you were in ?
  • I've shared the documentation with our Integration Team to analyze and see how we can implement it. 

    My concern is more about security reason because the Tenant I aim to give access to is another company (still from the same group though) so I do not see how my user can use the SSO for two different company. 

    I will let you know the outcome for sure !