Anaplan License Management Workflow in the Tenant Admin Page


As a client Tenant Administrator/CoE lead, I want to be able to set up the following license management workflow from the Anaplan Tenant Admin Page:


- Specify the inactive user period threshold of X weeks/months, as well as notification period of Y days;

- Check the "Last Active Date" of all the users who have access to my tenant;

- Set up a logic to compare the "Last Active Date" with the current date;

- If the gap is greater or equal to the threshold of X weeks/months, the workflow should send out notification emails to the inactive users checking if they want to continue using Anaplan;

- If there's no update on the "Last Active Date" for the inactive users for the next Y days from the notification email sent date, the system should automatically remove the inactive users' access to any model and disable those inactive user accounts.

- Also have the ability to exclude a list of "very occasional" users who never want to be removed from accessing the Anaplan platform.



So that it is much more efficient for me to manage the licenses when the active user pool is greater than 1000 and is also changing from time to time.

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  • Miran
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  • I guess that the only issue would be that we have some users that are "very occasional" users and wouldn't want to be turning them off. So as long as you could exclude a user from being excluded that'd be great too.

  • DingZ

    @andrewtye Thanks for the input! Just updated the idea with your suggestion.

  • Is there a way for us to get the count/filter  of read vs to write  privilege users in active users screen

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