Import Action Categories and Separators


The import action management section often becomes messy because ALL import actions are saved.

Would love the ability to create sections and separators, to better organize the import actions I intend to repeat.

The following example was created from dummy imports, but it would be great if this feature were built in.


Import Action Idea Exchange.png


I think the specific categories should be customizable by the user, but the ones I currently use are:

  • List Append Imports
  • List Hierarchy Imports
  • List Subset Imports
  • List Attribute Imports
  • Module Data Imports
  • Input Reset Imports
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  • I always wondered why the Actions are was not consistent with how the Modules and Lists are able to be maintained.  So I am all for this as it makes life easier for those building and maintaining the models.

  • Agreed! That would be really great.

  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • ablack

    Need this for lists/modules/line items as well!

  • Even a similar feature to Functional Areas would be helpful. For example, every time a process is created, it becomes an option from a drop down so that you can tag each action to a process and their order in the list of actions is the order in which the process would initiate the actions.

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