Problems in giving security access


Hi everyone,

I have completed my project and one pending activity left i.e security access. In security one major issue i'm facing is dashboards. 

Let's say my landing dashboard comprises of KPI, Monthly Business Plan, Workforce Planning, Annual Budget

Now inside structure of KPI -> Sales, Production, Raw Material, Workforce

Inside structure of Monthly Business Plan -> Sales, Production, RM

Inside Structure of Workforce -> Succession Planning, manpower requirement

Inside Structure of Budget -> Sales, Production, Raw Material, Finance, Workforce

I have 5 users -> Sales, Production, Raw Material, Finance, Workforce

Now i don't want anyone to see other person's data -> So i'm not going to give read access [Sales don't want to see production data, HR doesn't want Sales data (for example)]

When i completed assigning users with no access or write access -> i'm not able to assign landing dashboard to anyone of the user. 

Some help needed on following points : -

1. Any guidance on how to assign landing dashboard to all the users with Restrictions ?

2. If given read access can i able to assign Landing dashboard to all the users (Client Probably not going to agree tough but it's an option to explore or give reason)

3. Any other alternative if nothing works? -> Create Actions and directly give what they have access to ?[ Basically creating new dashboard for separate user]

V.Sai Bharadwaj

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