Enable History download for Non-Admin


History download is now available for creating actions but it restricts non-administrators users from trigger those action. 


I would like the users to have the ability to trigger those actions, as with normal actions (the possibility to set up access rights for these actions is already developed). This functionality will help in giving specific user access to those actions and analyse easier what changes have been done in the model without checking cell by cell. This is an important feature which can be used in combination with an Anaplan Audit History model for better visibility and audit. 


Thank you! 



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  • Miran
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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • Indeed, it is quite frustrating that it is possible to give access to launch the export actions of the history logs to non-workspace admin users, but it is returned this error when the action is launched:




    The error disappears only if the user is flagged "workspace admin". 


    It would be nice if this will be solved. 






  • History is a powerful tool and should be an option to export pre-defined actions like the ones you shared as non-Admin.


    In most cases the users will probably just click on a cell and show history though, but there are some global changes when longer history is needed ... or an extract.


    That would also free some of our (Model Developers) time from checking the history as this could be integrated in the external source and just reports be done automatically.

  • @DavidSmith  - is there any update on this request? This has surpassed the votes needed for a status update.

  • DaveTan


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