When the import process fails depending on the user


Hi,everyone. I have a question.


When importing data from module to module, the data is not imported due to "ignored".

In the case of WorkSpace Administrator, it does not become "ignored" and it ends normally.


I assume it's because of permissions, but setting permissions seems to be fine.

What are the other possible causes?

I'm sorry, but I cannot show you the screen because it is confidential information.


Could you tell me the good solution?


Best regards.

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  • AlejandroGomez

    Hi @taku.s 


    You should not worry about the list and "production data". The fact that the source list is not marked as "Production data" has nothing to do with this. Production Data relates to the way data is synchronized between Production and Development models through ALM.


    Since neither the mapping itself (as the action works for the WS admin) nor the user permissions seem to be the issue, as you pointed out in your original post, I agree with @Misbah on the likelihood of "dynamic cell access" to be the reason.


    Please, check the following: Can you read the data from the source module?  Can you write in the target module?


    If the answer to any of the previous questions is "no", please ask your WS admin to check the following:

    1. In Users: check what is the Role assigned to your users. Then in User --> "Roles - Modules" tab, check if your role has the proper Write / Read access permissions for the source and target modules.



    2. If the Role is fine, then check the Dynamic Cell Access: the WS admin will need to go to the module where you cannot read / write data, open the blue print and scroll right until he/she finds these columns:



    If dynamic cell access is enabled, some of the cells in the columns show above will have a formula pointing to a "boolean" formatted line item. Check in which module that LI is and make sure that is not restricting your uses read / write access.


    Here you have more info about how it works: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Modeling/Working_with_Data/DynamicCellAccess.htm






  • Misbah



    The other possible cause can be Dynamic Cell Access and the user having read only access to the line item.

  • taku.s


    Thank you for your reply.

    Before this module-to-module import process, I'm importing data from List to the module.
    The "Import Data Source" of the Action is not "Production Data". Is that one of the causes?


    I'm sorry that I don't know what would happen if it were Production Data..


    Best regards,

  • taku.s



    The problem was resolved when I responded according to your advice.

    "Read Access Driver" was set to the target Line Item.After canceling this and executing import, it ended normally.


    Thank you for your appreciate.


    Best regards,

  • thanks for letting us know that it worked, @taku.s, my pleasure.


    Best regards,