Hold and Release functionality


It would be great to have "Hold and Release" functionality extended to NUX as well. Break back seems to be working fine with NUX but sad to see missing hold and release functionality. 


Hope this feature will be added soon.






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  • Miran
    Status changed to: Delivered
  • @sandeep_bk 

    I upvoted this idea. Couldn't agree more! Many use cases in supply chain for this. A shame if we have to regress to classic. Hope we can get this considered for roadmap. Thanks for adding this.

  • Here is what the functionality needs to do in New UX - same as classic.


  • Team,


    Any update on this feature availably in upcoming releases ? 




  • Hi to everyone!

    If there are any updates on that feature?






  • Somewhat related, I would love to be able to paste values into a break-back cell (or more importantly; cells) in a UX page, like we can within modules.

  • Agree with @GeorgeDuckett 

  • I agree! 

  • +1 vote - very very important feature

  • I've updated this to "on roadmap" - our engineering teams are currently planning the implementation of hold/release capabilities in the UX.

  • This is a big problem, it is impossible to move to the UX for clients dependent on break-back for their allocations and assortments in retail planning. Please advise when fixed. 

  • +1 Vote. Very important feature. 
    Just adding a suggestion, would be great if the hold works between two grids using the same line item. 
    So I can have two different views, with two different dimensions of the same line item and I am still able to hold one of the dimensions. 

  • Really need this now folks.  @davewaller  - any news?




  • @mhemphill - we're in the final stages of quality testing on hold & release in the UX and hope to be able to plan a release date shortly.

  • @davewaller That's great to hear!

  • Hi All.

    We're please to announce that this has now been activated on UX boards and worksheets.

    Thanks for you ongoing support.


  • gvanhelsdingen
    edited February 2023

  • Hi @gvanhelsdingen - I think this might need a support ticket to help us understand and diagnose. Are you able to raise one please?

  • gvanhelsdingen
    edited February 2023

    Thanks @davewaller . I'll log a ticket. I am able to raise one.

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