Compare/Sync Error attempting ALM from Dev workspace to Prod workspace


Firstly, here is the error message.Does anyone know this? What could be the reason?

'Model Comparison failed

Sorry, but we couldn't find the revision data files required for this comparison. 

Please contact Anaplan Support.'


We have 3-workspace(Dev, QA, Prod) and did operations bellow.

import: Development workspace -> Production workspace **successed**

ALM:    Development workspace -> Production workspace **successed**

import: Development workspace -> Production workspace **successed**

ALM:    Development workspace -> Production workspace **failed**




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  • CeciliaRen
    Answer ✓

    Finally Anaplan customer support helped us solve the problem.

    It seems some settings were wrong in creating the production workspace.


  • Misbah



    What is second Importing doing?


    Have you created fresh Revision Tag in Dev Model before you actually start pulling the changes from Dev to Prod?

  • hi Misbah,


    Thks for replying.


    >What is second Importing doing?

    Second Importing is the first release to Production WS).

    (First Importing is release to QA WS)


    >Have you created fresh Revision Tag in Dev Model before you actually start pulling the changes from Dev to Prod?

    Fresh Revision Tag? yes, I create a new (empty) Revision Tag before ALM.

    btw, I have plenty Revision Tags before the Fresh Revision Tag, and the errors comes no matter which Revision Tag I choose.

  • Hi @CeciliaRen 


    Please check the below items:

    1. Is there a revision tag created before you attempted the sync?

    2. If "yes" to 1, then check whether you have sufficient space in the Prod Workspace for the sync to happen properly.


    If yes to 2, I suggest you raise it to Anaplan support.



  • hi @Nagaraju 


    OK, It's 2..

    Thank you very much!

    I'll try to contact anaplan support.

  • Misbah



    That is why it has been penned down as a rule. You should always create one RT a day and test it against a dummy/Shell  model instead of waiting to accumulate all the RTs



  • @CeciliaRen 

    If you do not have sufficient workspace size, try to make up enough space, either by decreasing model size or increasing workspace size. Then only, you will be successfully able to sync.



  • Thank you! Very good suggestion!
  • But the Production workspace is only 2% full..
  • This is strange,


    If i understand correctly,


    1. Dev >> Create revision tag #XX

    2. QA >> Compare / Sync from Dev.#XX >> Successful

    3. PROD >> Compare / Sync from Dev.#XX >> You get the error


    Fee questions,

    QA & PROD were created from the DEV?

    Is this the first time you are syncing PROD, or you have synced PROD previously successfuly?






  • @ArunManickam 

    Yes, your understanding is correct.

    DEV, QA, and PROD are three different workspace.

    QA and PROD are both created from DEV.

    I have synchronized DEV to QA successfully, but I did the same thing to PROD today for the first time and got failed.



  • Hi @CeciliaRen ,


    As you mentioned you have three different workspace, After creating a Prod model from Dev, have you changed your Source Models mapping? (Model setting -> Source Models)

    You have to remap your Source Models to production data import sources, Once you changed your mapping then try to sync again.




  • @CeciliaRen 


    Thanks . Since you are trying this for the first time, check the following, 


    Ensure DEV & PROD workspace are both SSO enabled / not SSO enabled

    Discard the current PROD. Archive it.

    Create PROD model from DEV revision tag.

    Do some changes in DEV model.
    Create revision tag.

    Sync it to PROD.


    Try the above and let us know.




  • Thank you for replying!
    There is nearly no source model..
    And UAT has the same settting.
  • @ArunManickam 

    Thank you for your solution.

    As I've just received response of Anaplan support, I'll waiting for their try first.

    According to the e-mail, it seems that they did some mis-settings when creating PROD and QA workspace.


    btw, greate appreciate if you could tell me what the differences between the 3 below. 

    1) Create model from Revision

    2) Copy model (in the same workspace)

    3) Import model (between workspaces)


    Best Regards,


  • Misbah



    Let me jump in the party


    1) Create model from Revision - This is the recommended approach when we try to set up ALM for the first time. This  creates a structurally compatible copy removing all the Production data so that we  get a fresh slate and new Meta data , transactional data gets loaded into the Production model 

    2) Copy model (in the same workspace) - This is apples to apples. When we use this feature it copies structure as well as the Prod data in the same workspace

    3) Import model (between workspaces) - This is no different than option 2 but here you can move the copy model from one workspace to another


    Hope this helps



  • @Misbah 


    Thank you for explanation!!

    Now more clear.