Not able to view any data


Hello All,


I am currently in my Level 2 Sprint 2 training, DCA module.

I was assigning roles to product managers as told when all of a sudden I realized that I was not able to see any type of data in my Supply Chain model.

The whole model with the formulas is intact but I am not able to see any data whatsoever.

I have full access and WSA to the model too. 

Can someone please help me out?

Screenshots attached.




Best Answer


  • Misbah



    Are you sure you have changed your access back to Full access from Any Role based access? If you are still in Product Manager Role make sure you change your access to full access and provide read or write access to these modules for Product Manager role.

  • Hi Vignesh,


    Thanks that worked. I had not given myself the write access for the P1 products family list.

    I could see the data as soon as I did.

    Appreciate your quick response.




  • Hello Misbah,


    Selective access was the problem.

    Thanks for your quick response.