Urgent--- Can we copy a model from


Can we copy a model from one workspace to another?

If yes, please describe.


  • prabhu

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    Yes, we can do it.


    read this article: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Support/Model-copy-questions/ta-p/36577


    This article answers your question.



  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    @prabhu article reference is correct.

    Just remember a few things:

    • You can only import (copy) a model across workpaces within the tenant, even if you have access to other tenants.
    • You must have the security to make that copy.
    • Bonus: If you are trying to implement ALM across the workspaces, you can do that as well. Not as intuitive, but it can be done.
    • If you need to copy a model from one tenant to another, you will need to get support@anaplan.com involved. You will have to provide evidence that there is no proprietary data, only structural changes.
  • Misbah



    On top of what our champs have said:


    If this model (Model A) is the Source of any other model (Model B) then you have to change the mapping in (Model B) by going to Import Data Source, Edit the mapping and refer to the new Workspace.


    Good Luck!

  • Thanks @JaredDolich.


    For the valuable information you shared.


    Can you help me understand this sentence:

    If you are trying to implement ALM across the workspaces, you can do that as well. Not as intuitive, but it can be done.


    In the ALM videos, Models are copied in the same workspace. Can you share a Link or bestow any valuable inputs, that will help me to get it clear.

  • Thank you @prabhu 

  • Thanks @Misbah 


    This seems easier. I will try.


  • AashcaJ

    Simple answer as mentioned by other users in this list is "Yes".


    If you are only looking to import/move a model from one Workspace to another Workspace, follow the steps listed below:

    1. Take the copy of the model that you want to move. Rename it if you'd like.

    2. Go to the Workspace where you want to move this model to, click on the top right on the screen where your initials are and click on Model Settings.

    3. Go to Manage Models and then click on "Import".

    4. Enter the name of the Model (whatever name you'd like to give) and select the Source.

    5. Next, select the Workspace and the Model that you want to move to this new Workspace and Click OK

    6. A message box will prompt once the import is complete.


    Note: If there are integrations that are set on the model that you are moving to another workspace, since the Workspace ID and Model ID would have changes, you would want to change your pointers to make sure it's pointing to the correct Workspace and Model.

  • Thanks @AashcaJ so much for the detailed explanation.

  • Misbah

    @AashcaJ  @Sravan_Kumar 


    Careful with Step 1, if you copy the Prod (ALM'ed) Model it breaks the sync. I am not sure if copying is really required. Importing does the job