[ACTIONS/IMPORTS] When importing use the file name for automatic mapping


Description: As a model builder, I want to be able to use the file name that the user uploads, so that it can pick up automatically a dimension. This can be done when the source system exports files that have dynamic naming based on the selection of dimensions.


Example of Enhancement: I’ll know this is successful when I am able to import a file with a name such as "Available_Workforce_Jan-2020" and automatically pick-up the time period "Jan-2020". Another example would be "CoGS_Canada_Jan-2020" and automatically allocate this data to "Canada" for "Jan-2020".


Benefit / Impact: This will help with automating the process of importing even more where the source system allows to export file with a specific naming based on selection.

At the moment I either ask the client to add a column in the file which contains that dimension OR the user does a selection before importing OR use a set of actions that based on which button it's pushed automatically selects a dimension.

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