Anaplan Integration most popular used Tools




Which are the most commonly used Data Integration Tools?

Also let me know, which are they used to integrate?


eg:- Anaplan Hyperconnect -> Informatica


  • Hi Sravan,

    I think it would probably be Anaplan Connect as it's completely free and very easy to set up

    If the Anaplan customer has an existing Informatica/Mulesoft ecosystem, they usually leverage those tools

    The best (and my favourite) approach is custom scripts using Anaplan's API

  • Thanks @anirudh.


    Which Integration usually does Anaplan customized API do?


    Also for API do you suggest Postman?

  • Sravan,

    The API is not restricted only to some integrations. With the right tools, you can integrate anything with Anaplan! Message me for more details

    Postman is more of a testing tool, you can certainly use it to learn how the API works, but you can't actually create a solution

  • Sure @anirudh for the help.


    I have messaged you my query.