New UX: Manage users access for an entire app at once


We have the option to change the users access in the new UX based on their role but at the moment this is done for each board/worksheet independently. It would be great to have the option to change the userss access for an entire app at once and this would apply to all the boards/worksheets within it.


This would benefit changing the access in a faster way which can speed up other processes. For example, when you copy a DEV App to make it your new PROD App, you potentially want to check that everything works as expected before letting the end-users work with it. Having multiple boards/worksheets within an app and needing to restrict users access for each of them independently makes it a longer process.

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  • Would love to see this implemented in the new upcoming administration. The current set-up is too basic and you easily loose control.

  • It's also a struggle to have to toggle to each page of the app to review user access. I would prefer it to be similar to models where all user access is in one location.

  • Echo above... please allow admin to manage NUX user access to Pages the same way as manage the Modules/Lists/Actions under Model Settings > Users, where all user access is in one control tab.  Meanwhile, we are building a module to manually track 30+ roles of 100+ pages, which is extremely cumbersome. 


  • ChrisM

    We have a roadmap item to set the restrict access configurations for all pages in an app at once (as per


    I assume this request is more around setting the configuration once for the app and all pages inherit those permissions, which is not on the roadmap at this point in time.

  • @ChrisM I have seen several customers tailoring apps towards individual target audiences or processes. Meaning, an app itself serves a specific purpose and people with access to the app will mostly have access to all pages. There is even a very practical problem why some customers don't restrict access to individual pages. They generally use a numbering or sorting logic with 1), 2) or A), B) to create a structure within the app. Having this and restrictions may create questions at end-users "Why do I not see category C), but B) and D)? Is there something wrong?". It's I think it's a good start to have "restricting access to multiple pages at once" on the roadmap, but I also think this is only a bandaid to the actual need.

  • completely agree.  I am creating clones of the 'master app' then removing certain pages to give myself a Role specific app.  Currently i have to manage page by page security instead of just saying App = Write for a Role.  


    Really need this

  • I completely agree with your idea!


    Furthermore, it would be more great to have the option to change the "manage models" for an entire app at once!!!


    Thank you

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