Data Integration in Anaplan


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Please tell me, using this Python Code, if I want to import Data from Oracle Data Base.


What are the steps I need to follow?

Is this the only step for Basic Authentication?

# Insert the Anaplan account email being used
username = ''
# If using cert auth, replace cert.pem with your pem converted certificate
# filename. Otherwise, remove this line.
cert = open('cert.pem').read()

# If using basic auth, insert your password. Otherwise, remove this line.
password = ''

# Uncomment your authentication method (cert or basic). Remove the other.
user = 'AnaplanCertificate ' + str(base64.b64encode((

# user = 'Basic ' + str(base64.b64encode((f'{username}:{password}'
# ).encode('utf-8')).decode('utf-8')

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  • JaredDolich


    If you're determined to use Python (that's what I use, by the way) then you absolutely want to read @chase.hippen article on Python with the Anaplan API. In each script he shows you how to use basic authentication and/or a CA certificate. Trust me, if you do any work with Python and Anaplan, you'll be making this article a favorite in your browser!


  • The code quoted constructs an Authorization: header for API v1.3 requests. New code should use the v2.0 API which authenticates against an dedicated endpoint first to obtain a token, then uses that token in subsequent requests. @jesse_wilson has provided an APIv2.0 Python library if you must use Python but the easiest and supported way to get data out of a database and into Anaplan is using Anaplan Connect.

  • Thanks @ben_speight.


    I will read and let you know, in case of difficulty.


    Do share your experience in Export Integration. Do you follow Anaplan Connect there as well? Or you have any other Export Tool?

  • Thank you @JaredDolich.


    I will follow the link shared and reach out to you in difficulties.