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How to manage user automation for levels of hierarchy and for different selective access in dashboard

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  • anirudh
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    Hi Pankhuri,

    This is definitely possible but it is not very straightforward. The main complexity lies in the multiple levels overriding precedence in the order of parent to child. For instance, if I provide a user access to 'ALL MEMBERS' in L1, and try to provide access at L3, the 'ALL MEMBERS' will always take precedence. The same applies between L2 and L5 and between L3 and L5 and so on

    I haven't done this myself but technically you could achieve it by:
    1. Creating a module with 10 line items (Read and write line items for each of the 5 Levels)
    2. A process containing 5 actions to import from the module to user settings, starting from L5 to L1
    3. Dynamic cell access to disable entry for line items where the parent has an input
    4. Extensive testing!!

    Hope this was helpful



  • Hi SriNitya,

    Check this article on automating user access
    Basically you will have to create User dimensioned modules and import these modules into the User settings

    Let me know if you need more help

  • Hi Anirudh,


    Is it possible to create user access management for different levels of hierarchy (L1 to L5) in one module than creating different modules for each level.


    Eg. I have 5 levels of data and i want to give read and write access to them wrt the users list but i want to do this in one module and the list hierarchy is a numbered list.