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      We are at a point with some of our models where we would like to train up new model builders to take over the ongoing maintenance and tweaks to a given model.  We are debating the wisdom and practicality of allowing multiple users to have model builder access to a single model.  Currently I can argue both sides of the issue.  Wondering if any others have cases where multiple model builders are commonly in the same model?  If so, how do you maintain order?  What responsibilities and access does each builder take on?  Thanks for any insight.


Brent Orr


Master Anaplanner


  • @BrentOrr 

    Great question; wisely posed too as there really isn't a right/wrong way. 

    For me it comes down to governance via an Anaplan Center of Excellence.

    @ChrisWeiss and his team have written extensively on it and addresses this exact scenario. And, @aaron_overfors has a terrific article here that covers many of the same scenarios. Plus his article has some good links. Aaron's article also addresses "ownership" which I happen to like too - it has that "Dev/Ops" feel.


  • Jared, I don't see anything in either link that addresses my question. I am concerned about multiple model builders working in the same model, not just in the same workspace.
  • Hello @BrentOrr 


    Its a challenge to have multiple model builders in a same model. But not impossible.


    We have built a large model with multiple usecases inside a same model with several model builders. It needs a strong model schema upfront and every modelbuilder need to be taught about the common lists, system modules so that they dont repeat it making redundant lists/modules.


    What you need is,

    1. Well defined model schema 

    2. Education of common lists and system modules

    3. Sprint plan with clear dependencies, so each model builder can be assigned independent modules for development

    4. One solution architect who owns the entire model

    5. Daily standup meetings (TAW)

    6. Constant review 




  • Since this post, @lej01 has published a good article on this topic! See Modeling with concurrent developers.

  • We run our models with multiple mb on a single model.

    A few key takeaway :

    - revisions are small, frequent and each small revision is linked to user stories repository (we use jira)

    - revisions are double checked by peer review upon integrate to a staging dedicated model

    - each model builder is responsible to perform non regression testing.

    - each user story after being tested is demoed at the end of the sprint and deployed to by the product owner.