Import error log enhancement in new UX

Suggest to enhance the current import error report in the new UX. The new overview only contains very limited information about any errors which occurred during import and it is not possible to get a preview of the errors as you can in the classic UX. At the same time, the ability to export errors is limited to 50,000 rows and for the full process chain. I.e. if a process consists of multiple actions it would not be possible to see or download the full error log for the process - only for the first action(s) until the row limit has been reached. Some improvements which would help transition from the classic to the new UX:

  • Ability to see preview of individual process step errors after import (as in classic UX)
  • Ability to export individual process step errors (as in classic UX)
  • Show least occurring errors first (would ensure the 50,000 row limit would not be an issue)
  • Ability to hide selected types of "errors" (e.g. the "Another row has already been processed with this key" error is not really an error and confuses the end user)
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