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It will be great if there is a search functionality for a specific action within the Edit Process (or Create Action -> Process), especially useful for a model with long list of actions.  At the moment, I need to search the action from Actions pane, note where its position is i.e. top, middle, or bottom of the list, and use that as reference when back to Edit Process.




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  • @andre.lie  As a workaround" just use the normal browser search function (hit "Ctrl+F") and search the name of the action. You will be able to find it even in the long action lists. 

  • @alexpavel  Hi Alex, seems like to Ctrl+F doesn't work anymore for long list, it only applicable for searching in short list.  So I was wondering if any changes happened to Anaplan recently? 

  • Hi @SaraBTIT, I think it still works. For long list of actions, I need to scroll down the list to find the highlighted action.

  • @andre.lie  My problem is that the list was too long (900 items)....I don't know scroll down till which place to locate the desired item...Is there any other searching method available? 

  • @SaraBTIT , not what I am aware of. I took @alexpavel advice on using Ctrl+F and it has been quite useful for my case.

  • I contacted Anaplan Support to look at the search issue again, and it's confirmed that Ctrl+F will only work when we scroll down to the page where target item exists,  it cannot search and identify directly from a long list with hundreds of items.  We wish this function could be on the road map of Anaplan enhancement, because it will facilitate model buildings where it requires complex solutions. 

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