Configurable Map Locations by latitude/longitude


I like the visual appeal of using a map chart to illustrate performance.  However, the function currently allows only the plotting of states or countries.  For companies like mine (Shell), we look at performance of individual assets or locations where they could be many within a given state or country -- each which should have their own indicators.  In our case, we also have assets in offshore locations which wouldn't be a part of a land map.    


So, my suggestion is to allow modelers to add configurable map locations by latitude/longitude coordinates and a display description.  This would allow the flexibility of plotting a location anywhere on the planet with a basic icon and description displayed or available via a tool tip (similar to other chart plotting).  Follow-on enhancements could add multiple icon options, but a simple circle or other icon would be sufficient to enable the base use case.  


Would other companies see a benefit from such a feature?


Related Note:  as Vicky mentioned in her latest post, the Map chart in the NUX is tentatively planned for a September roll-out with similar features as the classic dashboard.


Charles Passauer

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