NUX: Model to Model Import Actions Show Incorrect Results


Backdrop: I have a process containing an import action from data hub to spoke model that populates spoke model list members. Let's say there are 5 members in my spoke model list and there are currently no changes in my source data.

Given there are no changes in data,

a. The import process when run from 'Actions' tab shows me that the '0 Created, 5 Updated, 0 Ignored , 0 failures'.

b. The same import process when run via NUX tells me that '0 Created, 0 Updated, 0 Ignored , 0 failures'.

When the NUX shows a user that 0 list members were updated, it may create a false alarm that the action did not run as expected. 

I request the Anaplan team to update the to Action Results Summary in NUX to match how it is displayed in classic.  

Attached are snapshots from running the same process, from Actions tab vs. NUX.

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