Hierarchy Uniqueness - Non-Numbered Lists



I currently have a hierarchy with 4 levels (non-numbered lists). In our official hierarchy, levels 3 & 4 can have the same name, so we append a L4 to those particular items in Anaplan.


Recently, I updated the process to pull the metadata from a different module in the data hub - but did not incorporate the L4 to the non-unique members. When I ran the import, into the spoke model, it updated the 4th level with the same name as the 3rd level. So now, L3 = L4 in name, L3 =/= L4 in code.


I think this is due to updating vs. creating members in a list. I tried importing new members with the same name and different codes, and those members failed. Can anyone confirm this is the case? My end user had some files built off the L4 name and was confused how we were able to remove the L4 designation without making a numbered list.





  • @jackcplanning 


    Assuming I understood you question correctly:


    If the import was based on the code then it would have updated the Name (which seems to be the case) and if it was based on Name then there would be rejections/failures.It has got nothing to do with Numbered lists


    See if this article helps Hierarchy Management 




  • this is a weird behavior but it's been like that for a long time. In a model, you can create and load from a file items with the same name and code as a parent, but if you import it from your DH it fails.
  • The import is based on code, but normally when creating children under parents with the same name, the process errors out. However, in the scenario above, the child was created with a different name and then subsequently updated with the same name as the parent (again imported via code).