dependent dropdown in NUX does not work with "Allow access to unfiltered items"


Dear all,


Would be great if the "Allow access to unfiltered items" option is also working in NUX on dependent dropdown:


Now it is not possible to select an item in NUX without selecting first all parent levels:


In classic this was possible, if no parent level has been selected it is possible to show all:



In NUX no option for show all:



Hope this can be added?


thank you,


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  • I hope that this gap between classic and NUX interface will be solved soon.

  • Any news about this topic ? 

  • Yes please! I too need this functionality. Please can we get it prioritized. 

  • The new UX still has lot of gaps with classic UX. Hope that the lapses are soon released to make things easier to work with new UX.

  • Team,


    Any update on this? Looks like the major gap between classic and NUX. 

    Can you prioritize this, please.?



  • Is it possible to prioritize this feature?  This gap is like a step backwards in dashboard features.

  • I agree this feature is very important for the NUX and should be prioritized!

  • I agree. It would really be great for this functionality to work in the UX to help us drive adoption.

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • We are in need of this functionality to be able to show only dependent drop downs on the product hierarchy + custom time hierarchy. 

    Kindly request Anaplan to prioritize this NUX feature.

  • We are experiencing the slow adoption of new UX because of this feature gap. Wondering how far down is it on a roadmap? @Miran how much more support is needed for the next steps?  


  • Would love to make this functionality available to our users. If at all possible, please place this on the priority list of fixes. 

  • Heard any update on where this has landed and/or what release this could be added to? @Miran @davewaller 

  • +1, this would be a much cleaner user experience

  • would be great to get an update;)

  • This feature would really help! Any update on when this is coming out?

  • Engineering work for this feature is now planned in and we are tentatively targeting Q1 of 2022.

  • That is great news! Thank you.

  • Hi,


    Any update on this feature.

  • Hi @yano - this is being worked on currently with my engineering team.

  • Hi @davewaller , could we expect this update this month? it would be very helpful for our project 

  • wjensen

    Checking in on this one.  Ran into this issue with my current client.  Can't understand why this critical functionality is still not being prioritized when it seems very straightforward.

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • wow great, Thank you!!!!

  • Nice!!!!

  • Great Thanks

  • Hi @davewaller - I know this enhancement says it's been delivered, however, we are not seeing the “Show All” option when trying to implement in our model. Is there a reason for this?

  • Hi @margie.llana - we'd probably need a support ticket if we were to dig into what might be happening. I don, however, notice in your screenshot that the line item isn't set as a dependent dropdown. We don't do anything with “allow access to unfiltered items” when using Selective Access as this is typically used for controlling access to data in a fairly formal way.

    I would, though, expect the “show all” option to become available if the line item were set as “dependent”.

  • @davewaller - is there anything on the roadmap for selective access? This is something currently available in the classic UX, and it will 100% hinder our ability to migrate over to the NUX. This is the main blocker we have, and it's basically a non-negotiable for the business.

  • This is still an issue. Dependent access settings are not recognised on Create Forms.

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