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User should be able to edit Export Action just like Import Action in case of addition, deletion of line items to the saved  addition/removal of filter to the saved view which is being used in Export Action.

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  • @shabbiraa This is currently possible: just rebuild the export action and save it with exactly the same name. The new export action will override the previous action in any structure: add/remove columns or filters.


    In order to make your life easier, it is a good practice to have a "saved view" related to any export action.

    Even there is not a physical connection between the "saved view" and the export action, you will have an easier starting point to rebuild the export action. 


    hope it helps



  • Thanks @alexpavel for the comments. I am aware of this work around however this still does not address the issue. For eg. Any change in source view of an import action takes place immediately and is visible as well. However, the same doesn't apply to export actions.


    So, any change to source view of export action should be effective immediately and visible when action runs. I hope i have made my point clear and export your support on this.

  • @shabbiraa Unfortunately Anaplan decided NOT to link the "source view" of an export action to a "saved view". 

    It is also allowed to create an export action from a current view of a module, without being mandatory to have a saved view.


    Once the export action is created and saved, if you change the "saved view" from which you started to build the export action, it will not have any influence on the "source view" of the export action because at that moment there is no link between them. Anaplan does not "know" that the initial structure of the export action was that particular saved view. 


    This makes it also impossible to totally reverse engineer an export action: you are able to identify the structure (columns) launching the action, you are able to identify the source module...However, there is no way to identify with what filter was created an export action. 


    Until the way how export actions are saved is not changed and be mandatory to link them to a "saved view", I do not see how will be possible to change this behavior.  😞




  • Hi @shabbiraa ,

    for me export action is reflecting changes inside the view which I have used for export, but only if those changes are result of boolean filter. So e.g. if I use show/hide of some lines, this does not reflect, but if I set reference to boolean filter, this gets reflected in export result

  • @svenkova that is not an ideal solution as it increases effort of creating & maintaining a boolean filter. additionally, it is an additional filter condition on top of exisiting & meaningful ones

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