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When using the Remap feature, if you select a view that doesn't match the original structure, it should give an error instead of crashing excel.  The error message was available in 2.x and is not working in 4.0

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  • Thank you for raising this and I am sorry to read to you you are experiencing challenges with remapping. Could you please raise a support ticket so we can investigate? If possible, use the "Email support" functionality under "Help" in Excel Add-in 4.0.

  • I did raise the issue with support and their response was to log it as an idea here.


    When I tried to contact support using the new email support functionality under help, it also crashed excel so I raised a separate ticket for that and they have confirmed that is a bug.

  • Thank you very much for this. I am sorry to hear you had issues with the support email, I have been working with our support team on this.

  • Thank you very much for following up with support.  Please keep us posted when there is a resolution.

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