Level 1 Lesson 15 Security



Could I have some clarification on Role and Selective access please?  My understanding is that Selective access is given to individuals and roles are used for job titles.  I have attached screenshots of a challenge question and the definition of Selective access and Roles from the lesson.  When roles are used to edit lists instead of selective access what functions can be performed?  The general rule of thumb that Roles are better to access modules and Selective access is better for lists does not quite fit the definitions.  As roles can also be used for lists.  Some clarification around this matter will be greatly appreciated.  Regards ThiruChallenge question.pngDefinition of selective access.png


  • @ThiruT 


    You are absolutely right in saying that Selective Access is at User level whereas model access is at Role Level, in this case Job Title Level.

    The other point that is confusing to you is about the ability for an end user to add or delete list items from the dashboard which Selective Access alone can not achieve. With Selective access you will be able to restrict the end users to write or read the data but if the same user has to insert list item within the list then that Model Role (to which the user belongs)  needs to have access to lists which you can see in the user section as Roles->Lists



    hope that clarifies



  • Thanks for clarifying.