History logs: Improve traceability for "bulk copy" actions


As a model builder, I would like to be able to identify with what parameters ("Source member" and "Target member") was launched a "bulk copy" action and when checking the cell history log in a module for an input cell, to have similar traceability in the detailed cell history log as there is for normal import actions: to show the old value and new value. 


Currently, after a "bulk copy" is launched there is no way to identify the "Source element" and "Target element" with what was launched. 




The only trace in the normal history log: a "Data change" entry with no other explanations: all the other columns are blank.



Request: In the normal main history log we would like to have the possibility to trace with what values of "Source member" and "Target member" were launched the "bulk copy" action because it is possible to launch with any list (not only Version) the "bulk copy" action. 


Currently, when looking at the history log in a module, in an input cell resulted from a "bulk copy" action, it is shown: "No changes found for selection." It is not known when the data was changed and by who.




Request: When looking at the detailed history log of an input cell resulted from a "bulk copy" action, we would like to have the same traceability as for the entries "bulk data change" (import actions). 







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  • Bulk Copy is ... well, on of the more useful features and while only us (Administrators) can use it, it does lack more transparency what those bulk Data changes mean.


    I think a simple way would be to add (in the line of Bulk Copy action) in the previous value and new value indication what was the source and what was the target selected when this bulk data change was done?


    I realise bulk data changes are also appearing with imports being run.

    While you can get the same output at the end (between multiple improts and bulk copy) a information stating that this ... particular action was done would help.


    Again ... History is a powerful tool and users like looking at it. While from their perspective bulk data change is always just an import, it would help us Administrators to know ... that this action refer to bulk copy feature ... and not imports.


  • JLD

    I would like to support @alexpavel, and agree with @Noward . Adding additional information like source and target would be very useful when it comes to traceability and transparency.



  • AnasB

    Also find very useful. The history tracking in Anaplan is not the best.

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