How often do you set the sales revenue target?

Hi In ref to the above,


Is there a particular time (month) of each year (if annual) that the organisation begins the goal setting by role? (Country Sales Targets etc)?  

If yes - should access be granted on/off  for a limited time period in which the user begins/finishes  the target setting process . 


I understand it lead to workflows but is that something that can be achieved ( approvals, alerts, handshakes/handoff's etc.). Just a thought ( not trying to overshoot the target).


Thanks in advance.




  • @rmat066sysf 

    The frequency of target settings is almost always unique to every organisation that I have worked for or with.


    However, it is a common requirement that clients would like to control access to parts of the process on a periodic basis. In all cases I would recommend using 'Dynamic Cell Access,' or DCA. 


    You can create a central admin area in the UX which will allow access to be switched on and off across the model. DCA is very specific and allows control at the level of individual line items via a boolean formatted line item sitting in an access control module. How you control this setting however can be designed to fit your desire level of control whether that be the individual, role, department or model wide.


    Check the following link to the Anapedia page -