Excel Add-in: pivot and filter a saved view (like we do with a module)



I'd like to suggest adding the same functionality when adding a new connection via saved view that there is when adding via the default view. Right now the functionality is very limited when adding a saved view in comparison to the default view. I'd like to understand why this is and if it can be changed so both view types provide the same, full functionality.


It would be very helpful, especially with connected modules we have in the form of income statements or balance sheets built with hierarchical lists, to be able to start out at a saved view and then be able to pivot and/or filter as needed.


Also, I noticed when selecting the 'Default View' beneath the name of the module, (still actually the same view in Anaplan), it treats the 'Default View' as a saved view instead of the default view and limits functionality when adding or trying to modify a connection. 


Screenshots attached and description in file name






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  • You're right, at the moment:

    • Pivot and filter options are only available for modules.
    • Default views are treated as saved views, i.e. cannot be pivoted and filtered.

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